Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Homme d’Affaires: Helping Families to Manage the Challenges of Wealth

First generation entrepreneurs and multi-generational, business-owning families have many concerns to address in order to reach and communicate decisions, transmit family values to the next generation and manage joint family assets.

Sustainable wealth preservation lies 
in understanding the correlation between the growth of a family’s human and intellectual capital as well as its financial capital.

An Homme d’Affaires, as a trusted and unbiased family adviser, provides fully independent and multi-disciplinary advisory competence, delivering tailored solutions to specific needs or, more comprehensively, providing sustainable strategies for families concerned with their long term wealth preservation.

It is not only desirable, but indispensable for families to filter and analyze consequences, opportunities and potential threats for their family as a whole and for their individual members, enabling families to deal with the many issues in a structured and comprehensive way, before taking a calm and well-balanced decision.

The Homme d’Affaires, with extensive experience in dealing with the complex needs of wealthy families (e.g. topics such as business ownership, generational transition, cross-border tax planning, philanthropy and direct investments) including a strong global awareness in our increasingly mobile world, is key to preserving wealth and forming a legacy for many generations to come.
Let your trusted adviser guide and protect you with empathy and discipline when required and help you stay on track to achieve your most cherished goals.

The trusted adviser “Made in Switzerland”

Not only is Switzerland renowned as the global leader for private wealth management due to it’s long-term political and economic stability, high level of regulation and proverbial Swiss-quality services, it is also known as one of the richest countries in the world with a high number of wealthy families per capita. The GDP (PPP) per Swiss citizen is USD 57,235. About 13.5% of Switzerland’s residents are millionaires. Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland's best-known cities consistently rank among the top ten with the highest living standards in the world. The Swiss must be doing something right!

You can tap into the fine-tuned, tried-and-proven experience of a Swiss-based trusted adviser and apply a Swiss systematic approach in developing and implementing a unique and sustainable strategy for your family…with Swiss efficiency, quality and professionalism.

How to find your Homme d’Affaires in Switzerland?

The Swiss platform WHERE AMERICANS ARE WELCOME includes a Trusted adviser section. You can get in contact with an Hommes d’Affaires and learn more, ask your questions, discuss your individual circumstances and get started from the comfort of your home.

Anne Liebgott, CEO, WHERE AMERICANS ARE WELCOME, AnneL@americanswelcome.ch

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