Tuesday, December 06, 2016

“Be Prepared” for jurisdictional diversification – Establish a strategic alliance with a Swiss SEC-registered wealth manager

The first million dollar question at the moment is, what will happen next with Donald J. Trump as President of the United States? What will happen to the American economy, what will happen to the US dollar, what turbulences, what unexpected things will occur? What will your clients do? What should they do?

As an investment advisor, a wealth manager, an estate attorney, a CPA or anyone in an advisory position, you have an obligation towards your clients to provide advice and to introduce innovative yet doable solutions with regard to your client’s future financial well-being.

Sticking to a home bias only and not taking a closer look at other compliant opportunities outside of the American market may even be considered unthoughtful. Why should your client’s future financial well-being depend on the American system only, when it is compliant and easily possible to hold assets beyond their own borders as well. It is prudent to get to know the possibilities and options and establish a relationship with an expert on the subject of jurisdictional and international diversification. If your clients have never considered jurisdictional and international diversification in the past, they will be grateful for new insights and opportunities from you, as their trusted advisor.

"Be Prepared"

By adopting a prudent “Be Prepared” attitude and taking different markets, different financial institutions, different investments and currencies and different views and insights into consideration, you can develop an alternative strategy that complements the investment strategy already in place on the American market. And no matter how the American economy and market develops, an alternative investment strategy can be beneficial for an overall, diversified wealth management program.

First consideration: Switzerland

Switzerland, which celebrated its 725-year anniversary this year, remains the global leader for private wealth management, due to its long-term economic and political stability, its neutrality, its high-quality approach and state-of-the-art wealth management expertise. The country's solid triple-A status appears to be immune to the happenings around its border nations. Switzerland is a first consideration.

Legal and compliant Swiss wealth management solutions are provided by Swiss wealth managers registered as an investment advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US. Reporting requirements are well known and together with a US tax adviser, all requirements are adhered to in a timely manner.

Establishing a Swiss-made strategic alliance

A strategic alliance with a Swiss wealth management professional, registered with the SEC, is one of the best ways to add a new facet to your advisory services and provide added value to your clients.

Adding the element of jurisdictional and international diversification “Made in Switzerland” to your client’s overall wealth strategy is a forward-looking, sophisticated approach and many Swiss SEC RIAs are happy to work together with American professionals.

You can formalize an ongoing relationship with a Swiss SEC RIA for a long-term profitable relationship and maximize the potential of your client relationships, driving client satisfaction and loyalty. Bottom line: you can serve your clients better with a future-oriented, international approach.

Through an alliance, clients will benefit from both your expertise as their trusted professional with whom they already have a relationship, a professional that addresses the full range of their financial concerns and, by extension, from the skills and insights of a Swiss SEC RIA. You can move upmarket with your services and serve a whole new set of high-net-worth clients.

Getting started is easier than you may think

To get started, visit the Swiss platform at americanswelcome.swiss (WAAW). The platform lists the Swiss wealth managers registered with the SEC focusing on the individual needs of US clients for jurisdictional and international diversification.

Swiss SEC RIAs come in all shapes and sizes. From the small and very personal one-man enterprise to larger, multi-family offices as well as the US client subsidiaries of several banks. The minimum amount of investment ranges between none, or a low of USD 50,000 and USD 30 mn or more. Most of the Swiss SEC RIAs can be found in Zurich (German-speaking region) followed by Geneva (French-speaking region) and Ticino (Italian-speaking region). See Swiss SEC RIA alphabetical and regional listings.

Browse around, check out their SEC registrations and read through the ADV Part 2s and make a selection of the Swiss SEC RIAs you would like to get in contact with.

Or make the trip...

Naturally, a trip to Switzerland to check things out personally is also an option and you can mix business with pleasure. WAAW is happy to assist you with your agenda on your personal trip or you can attend an upcoming Swiss Wealth Management Seminar, designed especially for the American financial professional. For further information, please contact WAAW.

WHERE AMERICANS ARE WELCOME - Swiss wealth management for US clients

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