Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Swiss-held nest egg

As a US investor, you don’t need to rely on the American financial market only. You can take a step beyond your borders and establish a nest egg in Switzerland for safekeeping.

Prudent US investors recognize the need to be prepared for turbulence in the US financial markets and to establish an alternative strategy complementing the US strategy already in place. Market, institution, currency, and asset manager diversification is accomplished by establishing an investment account in another jurisdiction. That’s where Switzerland comes in.

Why Switzerland?

Switzerland is the world’s leading jurisdiction for international private wealth management. Moreover, Switzerland’s long-term political and economic stability, neutrality, expertise and commitment to quality provides a strong home for a portion of your assets. Switzerland is possibly the safest place in an increasingly unsafe world.
 You can establish your Swiss-held nest egg from the comfort of your home.

How to get started

There are over 40 Swiss wealth managers, registered as an investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States happy to serve US clients in the US and abroad.
Being registered with the SEC allows Swiss wealth managers to communicate and act freely with American clients and to provide their wealth management services without restrictions while adhering to the regulations. You can even establish your Swiss-held nest egg from the comfort of your home (However, a trip to Switzerland is highly recommended.).
Visit WHERE AMERICANS ARE WELCOME and browse through the Swiss SEC RIAs at your convenience.

How to find your Swiss SEC RIA

Swiss SEC RIAs come in all shapes and sizes – individual advisers, independent wealth managers, multi-family offices and the subsidiaries of Swiss banks with a focus on American clients.

Minimum amounts of investment range between USD 50,000 and USD 20,000,000, so there are options for almost every kind of US investor.

WHERE AMERICANS ARE WELCOME is the world’s leading directory listing the Swiss SEC-registered wealth managers open for business with US clients.

Visit the Swiss platform WHERE AMERICANS ARE WELCOME - Swiss Wealth Management for US Clients and browse through the Swiss SEC RIAs at your convenience. Take a look at the details of their SEC registrations, read their ADV Part 2 brochures, which provide detailed insight into their wealth management services including their investment approach and fees.

Once you have thoroughly reviewed the information, you can easily get in touch with the Swiss SEC RIA(s) of your choice and request further information on establishing your account. They are not more than a phone call or click away.
WAAW also lists other wealth management-related service providers such as US tax advisers, estate planning lawyers, trust advisers, trusted advisers, citizenship and residential planning advisers etc.
Through a collaboration with a Swiss SEC RIA you can gain a cutting edge over your competition.

For American financial advisers

There is no reason to ignore jurisdictional and international diversification "Made in Switzerland" when advising your clients on the future well-being of their assets. Many Swiss SEC RIAs are happy to establish relationships with American financial advisers in order to co-advise clients on the long-term benefits of a Swiss-held nest egg. Through a collaboration with a Swiss SEC RIA you can gain a cutting edge over your competition, get prepared for jurisdictional diversification and provide your clients with added value. Getting in contact is easy. Just make a phone call, write an email or, even better, come to Switzerland and meet with your selection of Swiss SEC RIAs firsthand.
 Get the touch and feel of Switzerland as home to a portion of your assets firsthand.

Come to Switzerland – Individuals, couples, families, groups

While it is easy to establish your relationship with a Swiss SEC RIA from the US, it is recommended that you visit Switzerland to get the touch and feel of the country as a home to a portion of your assets firsthand. WAAW is happy to organize your stay and agenda for an efficient visit, covering all the bases. Naturally, sightseeing is also an important part of your trip and WAAW is happy to organize and accompany you on excursions. For further information please contact: AnneLiebgott@americanswelcome.swiss

 „In God we Trust“

 ...is stated on the US dollar. However, in this day and age, with volatility and uncertainty ever on the rise, placing trust in a secure Swiss-held nest egg is a prudent step to take.

WAAW is happy to be able to help you get established.

For further information, please visit

WAAW at http://www.americanswelcome.swiss

or contact :

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